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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ST. LOUIS – WXOS-FM’s Randy Karraker announced that he is stepping up to the plate in a bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise. Karraker made this announcement on the air this afternoon at 5:05pm on 101 ESPN.
As a diehard St. Louis Cardinals football fan, Karraker was crushed years ago when the football team left St. Louis to move to Phoenix back in 1987. It was with hope and optimism that he became a St. Louis Rams fan when the franchise moved to St. Louis. Randy has covered the team for the past 15 years, and has become a staunch Rams supporter. With the Rams’ Superbowl victory in 2000 under Dick Vermeil’s leadership, Karraker’s love of the team was solidified.
With the recent debacle of Rush Limbaugh’s efforts to join Dave Checketts’ quest to purchase the team, and the rampant rumors about the Rams potential sale and move back to Los Angeles, Karraker was reminded of how bad it hurt when football left St. Louis. And although there are a reported six potential groups interested in purchasing the team, none have stood out from the rest of the competition. Rather than just sit and watch it happen again, Karraker decided to do something about it, and has created the Randy Karraker: Save the Rams Fund- and Fan-Raising Campaign.
Karraker says “I believe St. Louis deserves an NFL franchise and when football has been good in this city, it’s been greatly supported. Rather than sitting on my hands and doing nothing about it, I’ve decided to do everything I can to make a difference and help keep our Rams here.” He continues, “Whenever 101 ESPN’s “The Fast Lane” broadcasts on location, we will have the Randy Karraker: Save the Rams barrel on hand to collect donations, with all funds donated going to this grassroots cause to keep the Rams where they belong, in St. Louis.”
101 ESPN Program Director Jason Barrett notes, “Randy is pulling together all of the people he knows, and is calling on the public to raise the funds necessary to keep the Rams where they belong, right here in St. Louis.” Barrett continues, “He realizes this is a huge uphill climb and he doesn’t expect it to be easy. But Randy is going to do his best to make a difference and he hopes to do it with the full support of the public.”
Karraker notes, “In the event that we are not able to raise enough money to buy the Rams or in the event that Chip Rosenbloom’s family elects to sell the team to someone else, our funds will then be donated to the Special Olympics of Missouri.
For more information about upcoming appearances of “The Fast Lane”, or how to join and contribute to the Randy Karraker: Save the Rams grassroots fund-raising effort, please contact Program Director Jason Barrett at (314) 983-6230 or

St. Louis Rams Fans will also be able to make contributions through the radio station’s web site by clicking on “The Fast Lane” page at
And for the latest Rams and NFL news, visit 101 ESPN’s web site at

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