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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

St. Louis Area Mommy Bloggers to Drive New Chevys

Write About Travel Adventures in Chevy’s Fun-Filled “Mommy Madness”

Now the fun begins for six St. Louis area moms who are also bloggers.

The Mid America Chevy Dealers Mom Squad will drive new Chevys for four weeks and blog about their travels and experiences as part of the Mid America Chevy Dealer’s “Mommy Madness” promotion.

“We have four weeks of fun-filled ‘Mommy Missions’ planned for our Chevy Mom Squad,” said Kathy Federico, president of the Mid-America Chevy Dealer Association.

Besides driving the new Chevy Traverse or the 2010 Chevy Equinox, Mom Squad members will receive a Flip Video to document their missions and a chance to win a girls’ spa trip for four. There are weekly ‘Mommy Mission’ gifts, including a $150 grocery gift card, a free one-hour massage from Massage Envy clinics and a few more surprises.

The Mom Squad will blog, photograph and video their four weeks of fun in their Chevy Traverse or Chevy Equinox beginning October 19 through November 15, 2009. They will also encourage other moms to test drive the new Chevy Traverse or the 2010 Chevy Equinox at any Mid America Chevy dealership. As an added bonus, test drivers receive a free one-hour massage gift card from Massage Envy clinics.

A look at the bloggers who make up the Mom Squad:

Megan Durham ( is a crafter and home schools her four girls with husband Craig. She applied for Mommy Madness because her 13-year-old vehicle has 198,000 miles on it “and desperately needs a month off. Also, the stick people my kids drew on the back seats need to go to counseling.” She is a director of Classical Conversations, a community of homeschoolers. Besides her personal blog, she also blogs for and God’s World News for Kids. Megan resides in Maplewood. Durham will be driving the Chevy Traverse. She says, “What’s not to like? It’s new, it’s clean and it can provide me with instant directions with the push of a button. Plus, I really love driving a billboard on wheels.”

Emily Braig ( describes herself as “M.H.P.M.” (Married Hot Pregnant Mama) who has a spacious garage, a quirky, loving husband and a precocious 2 year old sidekick. Emily went from bean counter: master of the spreadsheet to kitchen counter: folder of the bed sheets; from rock ‘n roll to rock ‘n stroll; from convertible to convertible car seat; from first class and a Coach bag to coach and a diaper bag; from hot dates with him to play dates with her. She asks if her “traveling companion” Chevy has upholstery that is flame retardant and ‘Scotchgarded’? Emily resides in Florissant and will be driving the 2010 Chevy Equinox. When she received her Equinox she said, “This car rocks!”

Kim Julian ( started blogging a year ago “after having my second son, leaving my position as a social worker and staying at home.” She says her blog, “has given me the ability to help others financially and allows me to work from home.” STLMommy has subscribers from across the nation. Kim sees Mommy Madness “as a wonderful experience for me and my family, especially since we are nearing the time for purchasing a new car. Plus, who doesn’t love driving a new car and meeting new people?” Kim lives in Barnhart and will be driving the 2010 Chevy Equinox. When she sat in the Equinox for the first time she exclaimed, “I’m excited about Mommy Madness because I’ve never had a new car. It will take me where I need to go and hopefully alleviate some of my own madness.”

Elaine Mooney ( works as the winemaker at the Sainte Genevieve Winery. She received her degree from the University of Cal-Fresno in Enology, is a professional international wine judge and teaches many different wine related classes. She says she “enjoys traveling, playing my bassoon, cooking, photography and Grey's Anatomy.” She is the mother of two young daughters with her husband, John, a junior high and high school band teacher. “We met in marching band in college and have been together for 10 years,” she said. Elaine lives in St. Louis and will be driving the 2010 Chevy Equinox. She said, “I’m way excited to promote this car. I’m already starting to write blog posts in my head to show off the Equinox.”

Colleen Murphy ( blogs to find “humor in her daily chaos. Some of my older posts are pretty funny: I sent my youngest daughter to school in a full-habit nun costume on the wrong day.” She started blogging after her husband saw an article about a mom of six who had her own blog. “I figured, Why not me? My family would love it if I aired all our dirty laundry on the Internet.” She applied for Mommy Madness after a friend heard about it on the radio. She is excited about “driving a car that doesn’t smell like soccer shin guards.” Colleen is a resident of O’Fallon, Missouri and will be drive the new Chevy Traverse. As soon as Colleen sat in her Traverse she shouted, “I’m excited to have a car that has a window that rolls down. I can go through the drive through for the first time in two years!”

Danielle Smith ( started her blog a year and a half ago “as a place for moms to remember every day that what they are doing is extraordinary.” She works from home as a freelance consultant. Danielle is “always looking for ways to streamline the madness and share information that just may make life easier. It’s important that moms be involved when it comes to buying a car. We know what is right for our families.” A fun story about blogging: “I put a picture of my family on one of my sites, it was stolen and used for a life-sized ad in the Czech Republic…We ended up on the CBS Early Show, CNN, Fox News and NPR.” Danielle calls O’Fallon home. She commented, “I’m really excited for two reasons…one, it is a great opportunity to showcase the new Chevy Traverse. Traditionally, women have been left out of the car buying process. This allows Chevy to say we want you to understand your car and we value you as consumers. Secondly, I live Mommy Madness…if there is anything in life that can make my life ‘less mad’ that’s good. And, if I can share that with other moms- that’s a bonus!”

Chevy Mommy Madness is presented by Mid-America Chevy Dealers. The Mid America Chevy Dealers are comprised of 31 local Chevy Dealerships located in St. Louis and its surrounding areas falling into Missouri and Illinois.

For more information on Mommy Madness St. Louis go to

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